Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Re-keying Locks

Portland locksmith lock rekey
Changing or re-keying locks are normally done to preserve the security of your home and your peace of mind. Usually re-keying would be the more cost effective solution which will be recommended on doing for the following reasons...

Did you just bought a new house? It can be an exciting time for you. However, like many other people who just moved into a new place, security is not always first priority. However, when moving into a new place, this is the first thing that should be thought about. The main reason is the fact that the previous owner of the house may have made multiple copies of the keys which are probably floating around in the hands of people you may not know.

Keys that were lost - Keys can go missing all the time or even worse, get stolen. In these types of situations it is recommended calling a professional locksmith immediately and not take the chances of having a stranger accessing your home. for the security of your home and peace of mind, get your locks re-keyed!

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
Hired a contractor lately to do some home renovation? This is a common situation where remodeling would usually take more than a day which will require leaving a key to the contractor or his employees. In this case it is always best to re-key the locks afterward just in case and for your peace of mind.

Living in a shared type situation and one of the roommates just decided to leave? There can be many scenarios where a roommate may decided to leave whether if it was on good terms or bad, changing or re-keying the locks will be a good idea to ensure the security of the rest of the tenants inside the house.

For more information about emergency re-key services, contact Premier NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

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