Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Portland locksmith deadbolt
A deadbolt is a secure lock solution for added security to your home. It is mostly found as a secondary lock on many residential properties main entrance doors. It is a simple designed lock consisting a lock cylinder that is attached to the door with a locking mechanism of a large bolt that would normally slide into the door frame when in locking position. Most deadbolt's locking bolts would be thick and long enough to make it hard on an intruder to pry the door open. The deadbolt will have a rotating mechanism to retract the bolt in and out of the door frame opening.

There will normally be two types of deadbolts available in the market which are a single and double cylinder. A single cylinder deadbolt would require a key to operate from one side while from the other (interior side) there will be some sort of a thumb-turn or a knob that can be turned in two directions in order to lock and unlock the deadbolt. This is the most common deadbolt you will find in residential homes as a secondary lock to a knob or a lever set lock.

Locksmith Portland double cylinder deadbolt
Unlike the traditional single sided deadbolt, a double cylinder type will require a key from both sides of the lock in order to operate it. This will provide an increase security solution for a home against intruders. This type of deadbolt come is in handy in a situation where a home has a door with glass inserts on it or is near a glass window. If there was a single sided deadbolt installed on a door in this case, an intruder could have easily break the glass and unlock the deadbolt from the inside. However, because a double cylinder deadbolt requires key to be used in both sides, an attempt such as that from an intruder would result in failure. The only downside with this type of deadbolt, it the fact that it will not allow any fast access from the inside in case of an emergency.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Residential Key-less Entry Lock System

Locksmith Portland Cabinet keyless entry lock
Moving on to key-less entry lock system is a great decision that involve many options to choose from. The most popular type of key-less entry lock system is a combination based interface which allow access via entering a code on a keypad. Because there is a wide range of selection in the market for residential applications, it is important to choose the right one that will fit your needs.

If you are planning to make a use of a key-less entry locks inside your home for an application such as a cabinet for example, a dial type lock would be the best choice. It will normally work similar to a safe where at least 5 digit combination code would need to be reached by spinning the dial in different directions to unlock it. However, if the purpose of a key-less entry lock system would be for an exterior use, a digital lock would be preferred. These types of locks would normally have the digital interface attached to the lock system itself. The operation would normally be done using a touch-pad or a keypad interface. Once the correct code would be entered, there will be an electronic signal that would be sent to the mechanism in order to release the locking bolt.

One of the advantages of making the decision upgrading to a key-less entry lock system from the existing traditional lock is the fact that most likely there will not be any additional modifications that would need to be done for the door in order to install the new lock. This means that if you currently have a Mortise lock for example already installed, you could easily find a key-less entry lock system that is based on a Mortise mechanism as well.

Portland locksmith Mortise keyless entry lock
The other benefits of going with a key-less entry lock system is the fact that you won't have to deal with keys to your home anymore. This means that you won't have to worry about loosing your keys and calling a locksmith to unlock the door for you, or re-key the locks for security purposes. In addition, it would be much more difficult for intruders to break-in through a key-less entry locks using the traditional methods such as picking or bump-keying.

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