Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lock Change VS Re-key

Locksmith Portland lock change
A common mistake many people do when calling a professional locksmith for a lock service is asking to replace the locks instead of just re-keying them. Most of the time, when a person call to request a lock change service it is mainly because he or she feels the security of their home has been compromise because the loss of a key or that it got stolen for example.

Although it is a good practice to call a locksmith for a lock service in such case, re-keying the locks would be the preferred solution over changing them. Re-keying the locks involve changing the pins inside the cylinder to accept a key that will have different cuts than the original one. This will eliminate the chance of a stranger who got a hold of the key to successfully try and use it.

Changing the locks however is recommended in the following scenarios. The locks are getting old and worn out to the point they are not functioning properly anymore and can be opened easily. The existing locks are of a low grade and can be beaten in a matter of seconds by a burglar. In these cases and more, it is recommended changing the locks to a higher security level type.

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
The bottom line is that it really depend on the type of situation you are in that will determine if a re-key would be recommended or changing the entire lock. Although changing the entire lock will give you a sense of security because of the fresh hardware, re-keying the existing lock essentially will do the same if they don't have a lot of use on them.

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