Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brass Type Locks

Locksmith Portland brass Mortise
There are many types of residential locks in the market, but not all of them made of a sturdy heavy duty material. Brass type locks are the most reliable types of locks you can get for your home. Brass material is initially an alloy of copper and zinc. Some of the benefits of brass material are strength, durability, and rust resistant. With all these advantages, it will make any type of lock that is made of brass fit to be used inside and outside. If you were interested in a particular lock for your home, know that many of them are available in brass.

Mortise type locks are one of the more popular choice for home and small business as a dependable high security lock. It is constructed with a large mechanism that initially fits inside the door. Since Mortise locks come in wide range of designs, they can be used both on an inside and outside of a door. These types of locks required to be installed by a professional locksmith as the door must be prepped for installation, but its high level of security makes it worth it in addition to the fact it does come in brass.

The most common residential type of lock that is available in the market is cylinder type lock which is also available in brass. Although there are a variety of cylinder mechanisms available in the market such as disc tumbler, wafer tumbler, and pin tumbler. Part of the advantage having this type of lock is the fact it can be re-keyed at any point and any time make it a good security choice.

Another type of lock that may be available in brass is a rim type lock. Although it is mostly used on an interior of a home, it can still be used to secure a particular room inside it. It is a latch style lever lock which operates by a thumb-pad.

Brass deadbolt Portland locksmith
Last but not least is a deadbolt locks. The highest form of security for homes, available in two types of mechanism which both can be found in brass. Finding a brass type deadbolt is highly recommended as this type of lock is mostly being used on the exterior of the door as a secondary form of security to your home. It is available both in a single and double cylinder forms where a double cylinder will require a key to be used from both sides to unlock it.

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