Thursday, June 4, 2015

About Bump Keys

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One of the most notorious ways for breaking in a residential or low security commercial type lock is key bumping. It is a skill many locksmith technicians and even some thief use that can compromise most types of home security. If you were a victim of a home breaking where no damage to the lock or windows around the house has been done, most likely a bumping technique have been used which makes you wonder what you can do to prevent it in the future.

The technique of lock bumping involving the use of a special key called a bump-key. This type of key normally would be inserted into a lock just any other standard key while applying pressure which will cause all the pins inside the cylinder to go out of place which in turn will enable the key to work the lock to the open position. Nowadays, these types of keys are available everywhere and with the addition of different procedure explanations available on the internet, it became a major residential security hazard.

Most types of bump-keys are being sold to the public with very little restriction. According to many researches, at least 4 out of 5 homes across the country can be broken into using a type of bump-key. It is very common for home owners to achieve satisfaction from the security of their home simply by having standard locks and maybe an alarm system. However, these two types of security measures are no longer enough in this day and age of advance technology and high level of accessibility.

The risk in having your home vulnerable to a bump-key is the fact that most insurance policies will not cover any theft or losses that occurred from breaking without any solid proof that there was in fact unlawful entry to your home. This is normally very hard to accomplished since the use of a bump-key is almost untraceable. it does not show any trail or signs of forced entry, so at the end of the day, not only you will be a victim of theft, but you will also not going to be compensated for your loss.

Bump key Portland locksmith
It is very unfortunate that most types of locks or deadbolts that are manufactured today even by the leading names in the industry are still an easy target to the bump-key method and far from being protected against this type of security hazard. The solution is very simple. Investing in high security lock that are marked with a higher level grade. Not only these types of locks will prevent unauthorized entry by the use of a bump-key, but will also prevent any picking attempts.

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