Thursday, December 25, 2014

Volvo Glove Box Lock Tip

During my years as a locksmith technician I encountered many vehicle models that seem to have repeating issues. Few of the vehicles I remember had this type of recurring problems are some of the late 80's Volvo models. The glove box lock on these Volvo models seem to always cause issues and ultimately fail. Failure of the lock require its replacement which is a tough task in its own. However, during the years I had to replace these locks, I came up with a process that will make it a lot easier to remove the lock from the glove box.

These locks can be recognized by the turn knob that is around the key-way. This particular knob has a rubber coat on it in which is recommended to be removed first. The glove box compartment door on these models has a plastic housing which holds the lock in place. Using a large vice grip pliers is recommended to be used in order to clamp on the lock's turn knob and use it to force the lock to open. It must be done gently otherwise, the plastic housing might break and you will be looking at an extra expense.Once forcing the lock to the 90 degree position, the glove box should open and the lock can be replaced.

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