Friday, December 12, 2014

Lexus Trunk Lockout

I had a customer recently called for a locksmith service claiming she accidentally locked the keys inside of her Lexus vehicle's trunk. Usually in a trunk lockout situation, i always ask the customer if the vehicle has a trunk release lever inside it. When I asked the customer, she confirmed that it did have the trunk release lever. As I was heading to the job site, I figured it won't take to long to get the keys out of the trunk using the release lever. Once I got to the place where the car parked, I proceeded to unlock the door and use the trunk release lever. However, it seem like nothing was happening as I was pulling the lever. I suspected that the reason for that would be the alarm which was still armed and apparently was disabling the use of the lever.  

At that point, I figured my only option would be to access the trunk through the back seat of the vehicle., but I could not find any way to lower it like most models I encountered in the past. Right then I realize I might have to drill the lock (even though I did not want to), but when I saw that the cylinder was located inside the tail light housing, i gave up the idea since I didn't want to cause damage to the tail light. At that moment I figured my only option would be to "trick" the alarm to think there is a key turning the lock.

To do the procedure, I had to remove the door panel and locate the back to back cylinder while trying to follow the wiring harness coming out of it towards the bottom of the door. Once I located the connector, I disconnected it, jumped it, and unlocked the door. The second the doors were unlocked, the alarm was disabled and i was able to use the trunk release lever in order to open the trunk.

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