Monday, March 2, 2015

Wrangler Lockout Service

Jeep Wrangler Portland locksmith lockout
As a professional locksmith technician you never know what would be expected once you go on the road for a job. There were many times where I found myself going for a job only to get 3 more while I was on my way. Usually this is not an issue, but when things do not run smoothly, then the problems usually start as other customers will be waiting for the service.Normally I would run behind if I would get stuck on a job that may be difficult to find a solution for more than expected.

About few weeks ago I remember heading out for a job in the morning and getting few more jobs along the way which was the reason for me to come back home only in the evening. The first job was making a key for a 2005 Ford Escape in Hillsboro which went fairly smooth as expected. I got to the customer's home fairly quick since there was no traffic and was able to make a new key for the customer in a timely manner. The only issue I had was the power supply in my service van which did not work properly and eventually led me into connecting the key cutting machine power supply to the customer's garage.

While I was close to finishing the Ford Escape key origination job, I got another call from a customer who locked herself out of her vehicle at her place of work parking lot. The vehicle was an old Jeep Wrangler, so I knew I was into a challenge. The lockout service was in Mcminville which was around half an hour from where I was. I took the customer info and started heading on the way to try and avoid traffic.

In about half an hour I was able to get to the job site. After taking the information I needed from the customer, I grabbed my lockout service tools from the van and started working on the vehicle. The problem with the Jeep wrangler was the fact that the door frame was very tough to separate using the wedges, but even after I was able to create some space, it was not enough for me to maneuver with the bar in order to unlock the door using the power locks. Mean time, I got another lockout job on Forest Grove which was on my way back anyways, so I booked it even though I was still working on the Jeep.

Portland locksmith Jeep Wrangler lockout
After about 15 minutes of unlocking attempts, I decided that the best way to get the customer back to her vehicle was to making a new key for the customer which wasn't a big deal, but I had to charge the customer a little more for it. After explaining the situation to the customer, I got the green light to make a key which worked well for her since now she had a spare key in case a situation such as that will occur again.

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