Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Schlage Wafer Lock

The Schlage wafer lock works somewhat in a different way than other locks some of you locksmith
technicians have experienced in the past. The wafer lock by Schlage concept is nothing new. The Schlage began developing and marketing this design in 1927. Most of the wafer locks some of you locksmith technicians have seen up to now were limited by the number of possible key changes and the methods that had to be used in order to accomplish master and grand master keying.

The Schlage Wafer design is capable of  1120 key changes, and can be master and grand master keyed. A master key can control a maximum 480 key changes. These locks can be found in apartment buildings and private homes across the country. Because of their heavy duty design, it is most likely these locks would need to be services by a professional locksmith from time to time.

The most common service for this type of lock is a simple re-key, or changing the lock cylinder so that the old key will no longer work with the lock. The other type of service might be to make a key for the lock since the older key was probably lost. Very rarely, customers will call to get these lock recombined to be part of a master-key system. However, master-key system require high skills and experience to implement, and the principle of it would have to be learned carefully.

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