Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daylight Home Security

Portland locksmith home security
There are many communities around the Portland area that are located in good areas and unlikely to be victim for home burglaries. Because of that, many residents of these communities will not put an emphasis on locking the doors surrounding their homes. Although home invasion is unlikely in good community areas, there is always a need to stay vigilant when it comes to the security of your home.

Many people will not realize the possibilities of home burglaries that will not occur using forced entry methods. It is somewhat a scary fact, but many burglars will actually knock on the front door in the middle of the day. According to law enforcement around the country, at least a third of home invasion happened without any trace of forced entry. In order to take security measures to protect against burglaries it is essential to call a professional locksmith that specialize in residential properties.

It is an unfortunate fact that many home intruders was able to figure that breaking into homes during the day when its still light out is easy enough without getting busted. The way that it works starts with the burglar knocking on the door to verify if someone is home or not. In an event that someone is home, the burglar would usually makeup a reason about his intentions such as using your phone, request for directions, or even claiming to accidentally knock on the wrong house. Burglars who attempt to intrude a home during the day are normally none violence and are only looking for the opportunity to sack a home when there is no one around.

Locksmith Portland home break-in
The problem with most traditional residential locks is the fact that they can easily be picked. Door knob locks for example has a low security mechanism that is much less secure than a deadbolt. These types of locks are often recommended by professional locksmith to be used only on the interior rooms in a home rather than on the front door or in addition to a deadbolt. The use of multiple locks on the front door of a home in general is a good idea as they can discourage home intruders from attempting to break into a home during the day.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lock Change VS Re-key

Locksmith Portland lock change
A common mistake many people do when calling a professional locksmith for a lock service is asking to replace the locks instead of just re-keying them. Most of the time, when a person call to request a lock change service it is mainly because he or she feels the security of their home has been compromise because the loss of a key or that it got stolen for example.

Although it is a good practice to call a locksmith for a lock service in such case, re-keying the locks would be the preferred solution over changing them. Re-keying the locks involve changing the pins inside the cylinder to accept a key that will have different cuts than the original one. This will eliminate the chance of a stranger who got a hold of the key to successfully try and use it.

Changing the locks however is recommended in the following scenarios. The locks are getting old and worn out to the point they are not functioning properly anymore and can be opened easily. The existing locks are of a low grade and can be beaten in a matter of seconds by a burglar. In these cases and more, it is recommended changing the locks to a higher security level type.

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
The bottom line is that it really depend on the type of situation you are in that will determine if a re-key would be recommended or changing the entire lock. Although changing the entire lock will give you a sense of security because of the fresh hardware, re-keying the existing lock essentially will do the same if they don't have a lot of use on them.

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Interchangeable Core Locks

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Security For Your Home

Locksmith Portland secured front door
A home is a place where people should feel safe in. The security of your home plays the difference between peace of mind and restlessness. Researches have shown that in the united states alone there are millions of residential properties break-ins annually. Although the statistic seem a little frightening, with an organized security plan for your home, you can prevent your home from being part of these statistics.

Most of the times, intruders would look for homes that have easy access which means low level protection on the entrance door, weak security points around the property and more. However, there are measures that can be taken in order to discourage intruders from targeting your home.

Normally, an intruder will pass on a house that carry heavy security as it will require major effort in order to break into. The first step in enhancing the security of your home would be equipping the front and back door with high security or high graded type of locks. Any type of lock that can resist common break-in tools such as pry bars, screw-drivers, and hammers will be a good choice. Adding a deadbolt with at least 1' locking bolt is important as well. After all, 2 locks is better than 1.

Locksmith Portland secure sliding door
Keeping your windows secure would be the next step. When you go to sleep at night, making sure your windows and blinds are closed is important to avoid getting attention from intruders looking for their target during the night. If not equipped, you can easily find security locking solutions for windows in order to properly secure them. Last but not least is securing your balcony or yard entrance sliding glass door. Although sliding doors are normally equipped with a latch type lock, adding a bar to secure the sliding door in place will make sure it could not be opened even if the latch happen to fail or defeated.

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Emergency Residential Lockout Service

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Re-keying Locks

Portland locksmith lock rekey
Changing or re-keying locks are normally done to preserve the security of your home and your peace of mind. Usually re-keying would be the more cost effective solution which will be recommended on doing for the following reasons...

Did you just bought a new house? It can be an exciting time for you. However, like many other people who just moved into a new place, security is not always first priority. However, when moving into a new place, this is the first thing that should be thought about. The main reason is the fact that the previous owner of the house may have made multiple copies of the keys which are probably floating around in the hands of people you may not know.

Keys that were lost - Keys can go missing all the time or even worse, get stolen. In these types of situations it is recommended calling a professional locksmith immediately and not take the chances of having a stranger accessing your home. for the security of your home and peace of mind, get your locks re-keyed!

Locksmith Portland lock re-key
Hired a contractor lately to do some home renovation? This is a common situation where remodeling would usually take more than a day which will require leaving a key to the contractor or his employees. In this case it is always best to re-key the locks afterward just in case and for your peace of mind.

Living in a shared type situation and one of the roommates just decided to leave? There can be many scenarios where a roommate may decided to leave whether if it was on good terms or bad, changing or re-keying the locks will be a good idea to ensure the security of the rest of the tenants inside the house.

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